Welcome to Zombie Daily everyone! This is the one place on the world wide web that posts new Zombie Art everyday! It has been posting new Living Dead illustrations of all kinds for over nine years also! The even more remarkable thing about Zombie Daily, is the sheer variety of Zombie Art! There are Zombies from virtually every corner of Pop Culture, Celebrities, Sexy Pinup Girls, Animals, Monsters, Dinosaurs and so much more! Another neat thing about Zombie Daily is that one artist is behind each and every one of the almost Three Thousand Zombie Drawings and paintings posted here! That Zombie artist guy is, me, your host, Rob Sacchetto! I’m honored and privileged to be able to share my vast amount of Undead Art with all of lovers of the Zombie Genre!
Having started the very first Zombie Portraits service way back in 2006, I quickly felt that even though I was drawing real life people as Zombies day and night, I still had an artistic itch to scratch! I was doing straight up realistic portraits of people as Zombies, which was awesome, but it limited my creativity because I wanted all the likenesses of the people to be one hundred per cent intact. I need ed to draw Zombies of all kinds…just like the ones I mentioned earlier! Thus, Zombie Daily was born! Soon, Zombie Pinups, cartoon like Zombies, and so many crazy Living Dead monsters and Mutants were being created with much vigor! Zombie Bobble Heads, ‘Unfamous Monsters’ Pinups, and other weird, fun short and still enduring series were created, which brings us to today’s new post! Of course, a new ‘Head of the Living Dead,’ which, if you’ve been here for more than a week you already know!

There you have it Zombie Art Lovers, another new Zombie Image for you, just for you! More is on the way, so please feel free to stop in again soon! ‘Bye for now!