A little Zombie Art for your Sunday afternoon Zombie Freaks! I’ve recently created a mighty new batch of Heads of the Living Dead Zombie Drawings which are gaining a lot of ground this year due to the amount of Horror/Comic Book and Fan conventions I’ve been going to as a guest! I must say that I’ve been very busy meeting folks and signing things at these events, but I also have had time in between doing the greetings to work on new ‘Heads!’ They are really the best thing to bring and work on at these public appearances because mostly, it’s just inking that I’m involved in doing on them, so I don’t have to bring a lot of materials, and, in the off chance I get all of the ones I’ve prepared and brought done, I also have a sketchbook at the ready to create some new ones! For as long as they take to do, and I mean finish, top to bottom, the heads series is fairly decent a series, but some images can get very labor intensive as I try to find new ways to create this specific form of Zombie Art.

Thank you all for stopping in and checking out the new Zombie Art Post here on Zombie Daily today! ‘See ya again soon!