Back with more Zombie Art everyone! To my peeps in the United States of America, I say, Happy Zombie Thanks Giving! As you chow down and devour that stuffed carcass, glazed over carrots, piles of mashed to a pulp potatoes, covered in gravy today, try to remember to act like a Zombie as much as humanly possible! Depending on how hungry you were and how long you had to wait for dinner today, maybe a lot of you already were acting like Zombies attacking a poor human victim! HA!

Okay, so in the last twenty four hours or so, some parts of the world, me included, were not able to see the Zombie Portraits website due to server problems with my host. I frantically tried to get Zombie back up as soon as I could, but like those of you who couldn’t get it to load, I had to wait. Thankfully we are back! I just wanted to apologize and say that I’m sorry if it in any way inconvenienced any one of you.

I’m glad I’m back and as usual, able to take in new Zombie Portrait orders and post the newest Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily!

As always, More Zombie Art is up ahead and if you return to Zombie Daily again soon, you’ll see that new Zombie Art in all of its glory, just for your eyes only! Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you all again very soon!