More Zombie Art, now on Zombie Daily! Today, the latest Pokemon Zombie from the massive series that covers all of the One Hundred and Fifty, plus first generation Pokemon characters! Hi everyone, Rob Sacchetto here, back doing what I do best, and also what I do everyday, and that is create and post new Living Dead Art for you all!

Since I haven’t posted a new Pokemon Zombie lately, except for yesterday of course, I decided to add a new one to Zombie Daily today! Theoretically, I could even do another full week of new Zombie Pokemon of you’d all like! Perhaps I will! This time though, I’ll go from Saturday to Saturday and count yesterday as the first in the Week Long Pokemon Zombie Extravaganza! I certainly have enough to do multiple weeks in a row as I’ve been really going hard on them to have all One Hundred and Fifty done by Halloween! I can then concentrate on more Heads of the Living Dead and Zombie Pinup Divas series art and reach some new giant milestones! The next will be the Pinup Zombie Babes at One Fifty, then the Heads at Nine Hundred! I’m not sure of the math off the top of my head, but I might have most of the Pokemon Zombies posted this year, and slightly have them spilling into early next year! This year is almost over believe it or not! I think that I have created more Zombie Art, or just art in general this year, than any other! I always try to out preform myself each year and count the number of pieces I do. It never actually happens because I do so much, but I kind of keep track in my head!

Thanks you for your attendance here on Zombie Daily today everyone! More Zombie Art is just over the horizon, so please feel free to stop in again for more soon! ‘Bye for now