Ready for more Zombie Art boys and girls? Well, you came to the right place! Zombie Daily has you covered on the sheer amount of Zombie Art posted here, and in the ‘new’ Walking Dead illustrations too! New because, as the name states, fresh Zombie Art is posted every day!

Today’s new post is again from the mighty Heads of the Living Dead series! I want to ramp up the frequency of their posts from time to time because a little while back, I was posting all of the new ‘Cartoon Characters of the Living Dead’ images. As a result, I’ll be posting two in a row to both attempt to catch up, and get to the next big milestone number in their series! I’ve got some great images for this series in mind! I haven’t put pencil to paper yet, but when I do, I think that the results will be great! It always amazes that even after all of this time, after all of the different Zombie drawings of the Heads of the Living Dead, that there are still ideas I haven’t illustrated in the series! I literally think that it can go on forever! It is this belief that keeps the series progressing! There are areas and styles and angles that I have’t even dreamed of yet, and they are all coming up in the future! I’ve simply yet to discover them! With a series so open like this one is, discovering a new angle or style actually leads into something else!

It will be interesting to see where the next hundred or so Heads go…Because of the remarkable ways Zombies can be depicted, literally, the sky is the limit!

Again, my undying thanks for your awesome attendance today Zombie Nation! I hope that you all stop in again for more soon! As always, new Zombie Art will be posted tomorrow, and as always, it will be a surprise! ‘Bye for now!