This is Zombie Daily  folks! Now, ALL NEW Zombie Art is going to be posted on my Patreon Page! Pinups, Heads of the Living Dead, ALL Zombie Art and More! Hi Zombie Art Lovers! I’m Rob Sacchetto, and I’m the creator of all the Zombie Art that you’ve ever seen here, and ever will see here on Zombie Daily! ‘Thing is, I’m posting ALL of my new Zombie Art on my Patreon page! That’s right, Zombie Daily has moved to my Patreon page! Here’s the link : Okay, so what will become of THIS actual Zombie Daily page? well, for starters, I will still be posting Zombie Art on it! The Zombie Art that will be posted here everyday will basically be the best stuff from the almost ten years of Zombie Dailies’ existence! That’s a LOT of Zombie Images that I’m sure, a lot of you haven’t seen…heck, I’m sure I’ll have trouble remembering even having drawn them!

So, basically, all new Zombie Illustrations will go on my Patreon, while all the ‘Blast from the Past’ Living Dead drawings and paintings will be added here! It really is a ‘Win-Win’ scenario if you love Zombie stuff!

The bottom line is, I really need fan support to finance the creation of more new art…Even a dollar donated will be enough for anyone to see all of the content on the Patreon page! I highly encourage all of you to please help me in this massive endeavor! It’s like you will be responsible in helping me create the largest visual data base of Zombie Images on Planet Earth! Plus, there will be video art tutorials, process images showing roughs to finishes, FULL comic book stories, and MORE!

Thank you all so much for stopping in today! I hope that you all support my Patreon page and help me continue the Zombie Art that I’ve been doing for free for so very long! ‘Hope that you loved today’s Rarely seen, but favorite, Zombie Space Queen Illustration! More to come soon! ‘Bye for now!