Welcome to Zombie Daily everyone, this is the place a new Zombie Drawing or painting is posted every day! Today’s new Zombie Daily Zombie Art is from the brand new series unleashed just this week entitled Sports Logos of the Living Dead and the new image from that series is now up, exclusively here on Zombie Daily, and it it the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Zombie Art Logo!

I sincerely hope that all of you are really digging these re vamped Zombie Art Logos! They are a real pleasure to do, look great from a distance because of the bold lines and colors, and hopefully will be a hit with many sports fans as well! I like doing the unlikely when it comes to Zombie Art, this is why the Sports Teams Logos seemed like such a natural choice, or really, I should say, an unnatural one! I think that’s what makes the series so neat…so far. I’ve chosen and have started a few more popular ones and it will be interesting to see how they will be taken by Zombie Fans, and Sports Fans as they are often quite different….both fanatic, but different. It will be interesting indeed!

Thanks for coming by and checking out the new Zombie Art posted today on Zombie Daily! As always it is my pleasure to share it with you!