Well, it is that time again Zombie Art Lovers! Zombie Daily time! You know what that means? More Zombie Imagery, this time Pokemon GO! oriented! I’m Rob Sacchetto, the artist behind every Zombie Drawing and every Undead Painting here on the Mighty Zombie Daily! And it is quite mighty indeed! With over nine years of daily Zombie Art posts, i can comfortably say, out loud, that Zombie Daily is an art force to be reckoned with!

Well, I might as well come clean and tell you all that I’m working on a massive Pokemon GO! Project, and that is to fully illustrate all One Hundred and Fifty Pokemon Go Characters, as Zombies! Yes, It’s true! I’ve of course done quite a few already in the last little while, but honestly, it does not feel like I’m starting with a head start at all.. We are talking about One Hundred and Fifty plus fully painted images! You might think, ‘Yeah, but you have over Eight Hundred Heads of the Living Dead Zombie Drawings, or, over Five hundred Zombie Pinup Divas drawings…you can do this!’ Thing is, those took years to do and are still being created, the Pokemon Zombies, I’d like to finish in a few weeks!!! Yes, I realize that sounds insane, but I’d like to at least try! It will be quite an epic endeavor for sure! In fact, I’m going to cut this post a bit short today as I want to, no, need to get back to the drawings! This is all happening right now, live! I’m actually drawing and painting between everything I have to do right now, including this post!

I want to thank you all once again, for all of your wonderful support in attending Zombie Daily, and to welcome you all back again for more soon! Bye for now Zombie Art Lovers!