Welcome Lovers of the Living Dead! More Zombie Art is up and ready for you today which is now business as usual for good old Zombie Daily! Every day of the week, week of the month, month of the year, Zombie Daily adds brand new Zombie Art to it’s vast profile of the Walking Dead! It’s not just about Zombie either, it has a lot to do with the art too! I use all sorts of methods to create the Zombie Art featured here, as well as styles and subject matter, from super hot pinup girls, to Zombie Animals, to what we have posted today, video game characters!

This Charizard Zombie Art is one of the many many Video Game Characters of the Living Dead that I created recently for prints for some gaming expos I’ll be attending this year, and of course, I first wanted to share them all here with you first! As most of you will know, I’ve posted a great many Video game characters lately, and there are more to come! I really do hope that you’ve all been enjoying them so far!

Thank you all for stopping in to Zombie Daily today, and hope that you’ve enjoyed this new Zombie Art of the day! ‘See you all again for more very soon!