The Mighty Zombie Daily, back with more Zombie Art for your unquenchable desire to see more Gore, Horror, Rot, and Decay! The Zombie Apocalypse has already begun, and it started here on Zombie Daily! Hi everyone, I’m Rob Sacchetto. Welcome to Zombie Daily today! As it is and has been for many a year, I’m posting a new Zombie Image on the largest visual data base of Living Dead illustrations on our planet!

Today’s big post of Zombie Art comes from the Heads of the Living Dead series! This series has now reached truly Zombie Apocalyptic size in that we are almost at the Nine Hundredth ‘head’ in this series! I think that if any Zombie Outbreak began with nine hundred Zombies, it just could be enough to overtake the human race! There would be a few factors in that scenario to play out, like the aggressiveness of the virus, the location of the outbreak, and the type of Zombie that was spawned, but I think that in even the least favorable scenario it could still manage to overtake us. Theoretically a more dense population, like a large city would be ideal. Add a very fast acting strain of virus that turns the dead quickly and a largely swift moving horde, and you’ve got the ingredients for disaster! I think that even in a rural or farming area, the outbreak could be just as dangerous. It may move a little slower, but may also be more difficult to detect and contain. In a city, barriers and military could set up rather quickly to stop the spreading. Buildings act as a ‘natural’ barrier, where as open country provides more places to hide and or move undetected…It’s an interesting thought to consider, and oddly, from what I understand, the actual US military has a contingency plan for! ‘True story!

Thank you all for checking in on Zombie Daily for the newest Zombie Art update! I hope to see you all again soon!