Hi everyone! More Nude, or as nude as a Zombie Mermaid can get, Zombie Art! This is more brand new Zombie Art just created this year, although this was done a little while back as it was actually a custom Zombie Portrait done for a Zombie Art fan, and I believe it was a gift as well. I think that it turned out pretty swell! It seems for some strange reason, that I’ve somhow done a lat of Zombie Mermaids. So much so, that I could almost give them their own Zombie Art Series!

So, while today’s Zombie Art image isn’t considered an actual Zombie Pinup Diva series drawing or painting rather, it does end up giving you that little ‘Hot Sexy Topless Zombie Art’ fix that you’ve likely come accustomed to seeing here, lo these many years! I have to say that it is my pleasure to bring you that type of Zombie Art as I don’t see too much of it out there. Also, a huge Zombie Pinup Diva announcement will be soon made, and I hope that you’ll be as excited to hear it as I’ll be to share it! I really can’t wait to unveil it! And speaking of the Zombie Pinup Divas, I want to add that from now until the end of this year, I will be working on a whole new batch of them and will slowly be releasing them in conjunction with the Heads of the Living Dead series as often as possible! I will once again be striving for a big ‘Zombie Pinup Diva Week Long Extravaganza,’ coming early in 2016! I hope that you guys are excited for that!

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Thank you all so very much for stopping in and helping me share my Zombie Art! There will soon be more, so please stay closely tuned for next time!