Hey Zombie Art Fans, it’s that time again! Time for more Ghoulish Gory, and Garish imagery from beyond the Grave! If you are keeping count, today marks the Eight Hundred and Seventeenth Head of the Living Dead Zombie Daily post! Yes, kind of incredible isn’t it? So much art on a subject we all hold near and dear to our rotting yet still beating hearts! I could have had a blog dedicated to JUST the Heads of the Living Dead by now! Actually, long ago! The Heads of the Living Dead are, of course, and by far the greatest in number of drawings here on Zombie Daily, and it seems like they may never end! There are just so many ways Zombies can be depicted in art. I haven’t even considered starting images that are ‘The Walking Dead’ inspired yet, but there’s another whole sub series that could be done with that specific Zombie look! Well, I guess I have now, but I, like, just thought of it! Basically what I’m saying is that there is still so much I feel like saying about the Zombie genre in Art! Even though I have dedicated the last ten years to my Zombie Art, almost exclusively, I have not even begun to feel complacent or tired of the subject of the Living Dead. So, that said, more Heads of the Living Dead, more Zombie Pinup Divas, More Zombie Animals, Zombie Cartoon Characters, Zombie Video Game Characters, Zombie Kaiju, Zombie Comic Book Characters, and Zombie Celebrity Portraits! Basically more of everything you’ve come to expect from Zombie Daily, plus some new, awesome surprises I’m working on right now!

Thank you for attending Zombie Daily today everyone! My Zombie Art is my gift to the genre and to you, the fans! I look forward to sharing more with you soon! ‘Bye for now!