Zombie Art for the Living Dead fanatic in you! Hi there Zombie Nation, Rob Sacchetto back here on Zombie Daily, making history by adding yet another piece of hand illustrated Zombie Art to the world on the site with more Zombie imagery than any where in the world! Actually getting close to out Three Thousandth post here soon! Can you believe that? Three thousand Zombie Drawings and paintings all in one place, and all created by a single person over the course of about nine years! That alone is a lot of Zombie Illustrations! I’ve likely drawn more Zombies than anyone else on the planet! It kinda seems like a lot, but kind of doesn’t at the same time. Well, I’ve left out the fact that I’ve also done over Five Thousand Zombie Portraits! Ah, now, see, that does seem like an awful lot! Those numbers aren’t one hundred per cent accurate, but are very, very close. It actually could likely be that I’ve done more Zombie Portraits than I thought. It certainly would not be less. I’m sort of estimating on the lowest possible side, just to be sure I’m not bragging about something I haven’t actually done. The number for the Zombie Daily posts are a lot more accurate because the back end of the blog page counts the actual posts as you publish them.

Not that numbers are necessarily the end all and be all to me, I just know that I work as hard as I can to bring you all new Zombie Art as often as humanly possible, and I feel that Zombie Daily is a very unique site, as I know of no other that has gone on for so long.

Thank you for letting me share my art with you today, here on Zombie Daily! More Zombie Art is on the way, so please feel free to return soon! ‘Bye for now!