Happy Valentines Day everyone! Welcome to Zombie Daily, home of the most Zombie Art in the World, with more New Zombie Art added Daily! Please take me up on my offer and check out the massive archives of Zombie Daily and view the over 2,500 pieces of Zombie Art there!

Well, this was quite a huge weekend for fans of Love, Deadpool and Zombies! Valentines Day actually helped the ticket sales of Deapool, it seems, and between you and me, I just finished watching the second half season premiere of The Walking Dead, and I have to say, it was one of the best episodes in recent memory! I’ve you’ve gone a bit soft on the show, as I sort of have in the last few seasons, I encourage you to see this new episode and renew your love for it! That is pretty much all I’m going to say about it as I know spoiling things sucks! So, that’s some good news on the Zombie front! Also, as I kind of eluded to, Deadpool the movie, broke box office records for an ‘R’ rated movie in its opening weekend! That is also good news in the grand pop culture scene of things and could even effect future Zombie Movies in positive way! Why? Because we may get to see more excessive Gore, Action, Nudity, Profanity, and general gritty reality in future flicks..I don’t mean the gritty reality of movies like the new Batman or Superman, (Man of Steel) franchise, I mean fun gritty reality! It’s not that I don’t enjoy those movies, but they have all of the dark, brooding reality to spare, without any nudity, profanity or gore that would actually be part of that sort of universe…plus not really big on any sort of humor either…Okay, that’s my ‘editorial’ opinion and whatnot…Back to the Zombie Art!

So, this new Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily today is obviously from the huge ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series. People who have come by Zombie Daily, would recognize that right away, but I feel that every once in awhile, it’s nice to bring new comers here up to ‘Zombie Art’ speed and make them feel like part of the Horde right away! HA!

Alright Zombie Nation! Another big Zombie Daily Zombie Art Post in the can! I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s new Zombie Illustration as much as I’ve loved sharing it with you, and that you all stop by again for more soon! ‘Bye for now!