Welcome to Zombie Daily all of you Lovers of the Living Dead! The most Zombie Art on this planet resides here, and new Undead Images are added every day, ‘just like the name of the site implies! I’m Rob Sacchetto. I’m your host and the illustrator behind each and every one of the hideous Walking Dead Nightmares posted here since way back in 2008! Since then I’ve been dedicated to bringing you unique and diverse Zombie Art from every corner of life! If it could once be alive, it can now be a Zombie! That goes for everything from a cereal box mascot to a sexy pinup model, a Pokemon character to a Dinosaur, a giant movie monster to a comic book hero or villain! If you look through the remarkably vast archives here at Zombie Daily, you will see all of these examples and more! It wont just be one or two examples either, it will likely be entire series of these examples turned into artistic renderings as flesh eating Ghouls!

I actually love turning non traditional subjects into Zombies! Yes, the humanoid Zombie is a great thing to draw too, but finding challenging subjects to have depicted as Zombies in art is so much fun, and often the results are incredibly cool, chilling and often bizarre! I just simply love the diversity! it is virtually endless as almost anything can take on traits of the Walking Dead. I further proved this in creating all one hundred and fifty first generation Pokemon characters into Zombies! Many were made of rock, metal, or were even ghost like, but somehow, I turned them all ‘Zombie’ as you will see in future posts and can see in the ones I have posted so far! It’s a life long fun pursuit!

Thank you for your support of Zombie Daily in attending today! More Zombie Art is just over the horizon! ‘Bye for now!