Hey Zombie Art Loving Monsters! Back with more Rot, Decay, Blood, Gore, and more! That should be the motto for Zombie Daily! So, aside from posting a new Zombie Artwork every day, I just like to try to connect with you, the Zombie and Horror fans on a personal level. I enjoy relating insights to the Art, as in where the inspiration comes from for a certain piece, what materials I use to draw and paint, and even musings on some of my likes and dislikes. There are some things that still surprise people about my work, like the fact that I use nothing but traditional methods and materials. Many people thought and do still think that my work is digitally produced, not so. I use real paper, watercolor paint, pens, inks, markers, pencil crayons and other wet and dry materials to create all of the Zombie Art that you see here on Zombie Daily! Basically, the only time the computer comes into play is when I have to scan the image. Often times I will need to clean up the image in Photoshop due to the scanning procedure. It often leave the image dull or dirty, or both. For that, I often use the ‘paint can’ application to ‘erase’ the background making it a solid white. I will also at times darken the image and heighten the ‘levels’ to make the blacks more solid. This is all to counteract the effects of the scanning, not to enhance the image any. The originals still look better than scanned images. This is why I’ve always wanted to do a gallery show so people could actually see the original images. More on that later!

Another day, another new Zombie Artwork! We’re making Horror History one day at a time everyone, and your attendance here really helps make that happen! Thank you for stopping by Zombie Daily today! More Zombie Art ahead!