Greetings Zombie Art Lovers! More Living Dead Mayhem on the way from your number one source of all things Zombie! So, if you haven’t noticed yet, when I say ‘All things Zombie,’ I really mean it! Especially when I can say I’ve first drawn more Zombies than anyone on the planet, and when you look at the diverse array of Zombie types I’ve done, it comes closest to the ‘All things Zombie’ than anything else!

Case in point, here today we have a character I wasn’t even aware existed before I was asked to draw it, and other ‘Legend of Zelda’ characters as Zombies for a fan! This was part of a custom art request for a single individual and until she had given me a list of the characters so that I could research them, I really wasn’t aware of them…I knew of ‘Zelda’ being a video game, but that was about it…These customs come around often and I love it when they do because it really opens me up to new challenges and experiences. I’m always excited to do special artwork for fans!

Okay, there ya go Zombie Lovers! More Zombie Art for you day! ‘Hope that you all enjoyed it! ‘Hope to see you all again soon!