It’s time for more Zombie Art everyone! Yes, new stuff is always posted here on Zombie Daily, and by ‘stuff’ I mean Illustrated Zombies! As it is now and as it shall ever be, as long as I can physically manage it!

Creeping ever closer to that next big milestone, I give to you another ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ Drawing! Soon Seven Hundred of these drawings all of different, weird, bizarre, disturbing, bloody, dead heads will have been unleashed on the world! This of course is way more than I ever imagined I’d be able to accomplish in my life, but they just keep coming! It almost seems as if they have a mind of their own to keep me perpetuating their existence…Once I began doing them, i really couldn’t stop! The premise behind the entire series is that no two Zombies can ever be the same, and I intend to prove that in the Zombie Art indicative of this series…The more created further prove the theory!

Okay, so, having said that, here’s the newest one, a take on a possible Zombie Bigfoot Head! I hope that you love it and continue to tune in to Zombie Daily every day for new and diverse Zombie Art! Thanks so much! ‘See you all again soon!