Now it is time for another brand new piece of Zombie Art! Creating yet more history in the longest running Zombie Art themed site posting nothing but a wide array of totally diverse Zombie Art every single day! Zombie Daily is truly a one of a kind website where you’ll find Zombie Art of all kinds, not just the straight up ‘human Zombies’ that you’d see in shows like ‘The Walking Dead,’ or movies like ‘Night of the Living Dead.’ Zombie Daily posts Zombie Art featuring the Undead ghouls of Pop Culture, The Animal Kingdom, Celebrity, and beyond!

I thought I’d stray a bit off the recently beaten Zombie Illustration course today and feature a new piece I did for a person who funded my new Coloring Book for Adults! One of the perks was getting an original ‘sketch’ of your choice, and that person had asked for a Zombie Budgie! As always, I love custom requests and was more than happy to oblige! So, once again, the Zombie Art you see here today is also brand new and one of the many very different Zombie interpretations that go beyond the simple Living Dead Human. This is what I find one of the best things about Zombies in general and Zombie Illustration specifically, the fact that virtually anything can be made a creature of the Living Dead…Even inanimate objects!

Thanks so much for putting Zombie Daily on your list of things to check out on the World Wide Web today! Hopefully ‘Donald Trump’ wont have the internet shut down any time soon and you can continue to see more new Zombie Drawings Daily in the near future! (Topical Joke!) you all again soon Zombie Nation!