Welcome Zombie Art Lovers! It is that time once again! Time to reveal the newest Zombie Art on the planet! Of course you would imagine that it would in fact originate here…Zombie Daily! Zombie Daily is like a Horrific Toxic Waste Pit that descends to Hell and constantly spews out Zombies! Well, Zombie Art anyway!

Today’s new image comes to you from the recently begun, ‘Zombie Cat Head’ series! I wanted to feature a Zombie series of Art that I was largely unaccustomed to. I found cats relatively difficult to draw, so I wanted to face them head on and what better way to do that than to do a bunch of drawings based on them! It really is learning through repetition. You do get better at drawing things when you do them over and over again! Of course passion does help too! You have to really want to create things that are cool in order to become a better artist! Forcing yourself to draw or to paint, or even sculpt is not the best thing to do if your heart isn’t in it! I love Zombies, the Horror Genre, Gore, Comics, Monsters, Super Heroes and many other things in those areas, so my heart is already in it. I’m not saying that it comes ‘easy’ for me, it just really makes it so much more enjoyable! I do really have to work hard, study, find reference photos, pick a style that suits my medium or the medium I chose to use…Some paper works much better than others for water color, or pen and ink or ballpoint pen, and on it goes. There are thousands of variations in just the drawing execution too! It’s all stuff that you learn and expand on to get the results you like most!

Okay…I was kind of all over the place there, but no matter…there’s no real ‘format’ here! I just want to thank you all for stopping in to Zombie Daily today and getting your Zombie Art fix! ‘Hope to see you all again tomorrow!