Zombie Art Fans and Lovers of Earth! I bring to you, another big Zombie Art post to the pages of Zombie Daily, the largest site featuring Zombie Art in the world and on the World Wide Web! All manner of Living Dead can be found here, not just the formerly ‘human’ type! As you can see with today’s post, Zombie Animals also make the cut as well as Zombie Pinups, Giant Monsters, Video game and Cartoon Characters and many many more!

That is what I feel really makes Zombies a beautiful thing, their diversity. It’s the change from life to death and what it represents…what it shows being changed from being alive to becoming the Living Dead. Decay, Rot, Decomposition, and the way these things affect the once alive, is an interesting and varied thing to represent! It can almost be a thing of beauty, and I try to make that evident in my Zombie Art. It can also mean, blood, guts, gore and Horror, and those too are interesting factors to illustrate in the Walking Dead. It really is an interesting concept for an artist to explore, and I’ve I’ve explored plenty here on Zombie Daily with my Zombie Art. I’m constantly striving to develop new ways to portray Zombies, and trying to find new and different subject matter to turn into Zombie Art! I still feel that I have a lot more to say in the Zombie and Horror genre and of course, I’m still doing the beloved Zombie Portraits for fans all around the world! I’m not even close to being done!

Thank you all for attending another big day of Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily! Your presence here makes what I do so very worthwhile! As always, I will be sharing more with you all soon, so do stop in again soon! ‘Bye for now!