Hello fellow Zombie Art Lovers! Zombie Daily is back from a scorching hot week of Super Smash Bros Characters of the Living Dead to bring you even more new Zombie Art with an almost unlimited subject matter base! That means that there is virtually nothing that moves, walks, swims, crawls or flies that I wont turn Zombie! In the case of today’s new Zombie Art post, that would be a new Zombie Cat Head!

The Zombie Cat Head series was just created this year, and along with the other Zombie Art series here, has gained quite a bit of ground in the last few months. Also, you must remember, despite the number on the newest image of the series, I likely have a few more images from that series just waiting to be posted. This is usually true of not just this Zombie Cat head series, but the Zombie Pinup Divas, Heads of the Living Dead and others! I’m never entirely sure how long I will stay on a particular Zombie Art series. It usually tells me how long itself. It’s not necessarily true that I get bored with a series, rather, I may have run out of actual subjects within it to turn into the Living Dead. For example, the Fast Food Mascots of the Living Dead series. I believe I had created a Zombie Art rendition of all of the major ones, and even some minor ones as well. It may however be time to revisit that particular series, if not others, to see if any new subjects have been entered! In fact, there may be a few series that I may revisit soon!

So that about wraps up another new Zombie Art post here at your number one source of Living Dead Illustrated, ombie Daily! Stay tuned for more new Zombie Art coming very soon! We’re not called Zombie DAILY for nothing!