‘Super Smash Bros of the Living Dead,’ week long Extravaganza comes to an end today with what I think is the most horrific Zombie Art from the series, the ‘Kirby’ Character! S, by the way, just because today ends the actual week long extravaganza of Super Smash Video Game Characters, doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of them. More will be transformed into my special brand of Zombie Art very soon! In fact, you’ll likely to see the last remaining few I completed from this set, very soon! Then it will be on to the third set which I think will cover the rest, as I’d like to have done all of them currently part of the Super Smash Bros Pantheon.

So for this new series and posts, I’ve been providing background information on the characters outlining their abilities, origins and so on. Usually this is just from wiki fan sites and does not refer to their Zombie Art counterparts but their actual character forms. This is the one for Kirby taken from the ‘Fandom’ Smashpedia page :

Character Description

Kirby’s round pink form is only 8 inches in height (though in his appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series, also created by Sakurai, his dimensions are obviously enlarged).

Kirby is a resident and the consistent hero of the yellow star-shaped planet Pop Star. He can inhale forcefully, allowing him to swallow enemies in front of him and copy their abilities to fight back (known as a copy ability). He can also store the air he inhales, making himself large and puffy, enabling him to float around. He can also store the air and spit out something that can damage enemies. His species, of which himself, Keeby, and Meta Knight (although the latter is unconfirmed) are the three most prominent individuals, is not officially named, outside of the vague “citizen of Dream Land”, which does not reveal his species, but is most commonly referred to as “Kirbies”.


Kirby as he appears in Kirby’s Adventure

Kirby (Super Smash Bros. Evolution)

In Super Smash Bros.

As a Playable Character

Main Article: Kirby (SSB)

Kirby is a starter character in Super Smash Bros..

He is known for his great recovery, quick attacks, his awesomely fast up tilt, and surprisingly long-range aerials, all of which place him rather high in the original game’s Tier list. His trademark move is Swallow, which allows him to suck in enemies and emulate their neutral B attacks.

This was great too because you get to see the real, ‘before’ Kirby picture and the Horrific Zombie Art counterpart! I especially love the fact that I put those ‘bones’ in his feet. I kind of ‘humanized’ him!

Thank you all so very much for stopping in to Zombie Daily today! I hope that you’ve all enjoyed the Super Smash Bros of the Living Dead Zombie Art this past week! Tomorrow, new Zombie Art….but what will it be!? Find out! ‘Bye for now!