Hey Zombie Art Lovers, Zombie Daily is back with the Gore, Ghouls and other good stuff that you’ve come to expect from the biggest Zombie Art website in the World! Today’s newest Zombie Art post is no exception as I continue the tradition that is Zombie Daily!

Okay,  have to admit, today’s image was not one I had planned on posting. Of course I don’t usually plan what new Zombie Art I’m going to post on a daily basis, it’s just basically a good assessment of what I have, and what I posted recently, then trying to diversify the new post from the last as much as possible. Today, that was not the case. I had just finished inking this image this morning, and after having scanned it, I started to play around with some back ground colors in Photoshop. This is one of the extremely few, if any actual images I’ve ever used computer coloring on, or lettering for that matter. In this case, it just really seemed to fit. Now I had fully intended, when I drew this hanging in there Zombie Kitty piece, that it would indeed eventually become a version of the classic ‘Hang in There’ kitty poster, but I really had no intention of creating the finished poster today, or even in the way I did finish it. Regardless, when I felt that everything had fallen into place with the color back ground and the font, I decided to, just for fun, post it on my Facebook page to see what people thought of it. It was very very well received! So much so, that I believe that it will become a convention item and so much so, that I also added it to my exclusive Etsy store! Here’s the link if you would like to order one for your home or office! It is an 11X17 inch poster printed on glossy card stock https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/286090769/zombie-kitty-hang-in-there?ref=pr_shop

Once again I thank you for attending Zombie Daily, and checking out the newest Zombie Art of the day! Be back again soon for more Zombie Art Madness and by all means, feel free to leave your comments and suggestions! ‘Bye for now!