Welcome Zombie Art and Zombie Pinup Loving fans! It’s quite remarkable really, all of the now thousands of Zombie Art pieces here waiting to be discovered by your eager peepers! I really do it all for you fans out there who love the genre as much as I do!

It may not be Zombie Porn, or Zombie Sex, but it is Sexy Zombie Girls. Some people believe it or not, have referred to my Zombie Pinup Girls, or ‘pinup Divas’ as I call them as porn! There are a lot of things these Zombie Pinup drawings are, but porn is not one of them. Some people on this planet are offended far too easily. It’s a wonder that they get through the day without breaking down entirely. It’s almost as if the real Zombie Apocalypse has occurred and a lot of individuals have been bit by the ‘politically correct’ bug and contracted the Zombie Virus that makes them sensitive to everything and highly vocal about how sensitive they are to many things! I on the other hand, am one of those, ‘if ya don’t like it, look somewhere else,’ kind of guys and enjoy individuals expressing themselves in a more artistic way! Heck, I’m an artist after all! So, the debate will go on…for some…to me, it’s not an issue worth discussing. I don’t really even care what the ‘definition’ of porn is really, that’s not the argument, I just know that when I see a drawing of my Zombie Pinup Divas, I don’t see porn, I see a sexy, alluring and beautiful human female in some state of undress turned into a flesh eating, still somehow sexy,¬†alluring and beautiful human female in some state of undress. That, my dear Zombie Art Lovers, is the point. I hope that you agree!

Thank you for all of your love and respect for Zombie Daily, and your priceless attendance! Tune in tomorrow for even more! ‘Bye for now!