Zombie Pinups in Zombie Art! What could be better?! Hi folks, Rob Sacchetto here again with the Mighty Zombie Daily! Today’s new Zombie Art image is one from the second largest Zombie Illustrated series I’ve done, ‘The Zombie Pinup Divas!’ The first largest of course is the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series, but you already knew that right? So the Sexy Zombie Pinup Babes are also in line to hit their own ‘next milestone’ this year. I think that it should happen late in the year, but it should in fact be this year..I know that they are only at their two hundred and twenty eighth image, but I finished a few more last night and I have some other great ones on the go! I really want to add more raw sexuality to the images and maybe even more raunchy nudity. Perhaps do some Sexy Zombie Nudes in scenarios or in a comic strip type thing. Have Sex, Gore and Humor all together in a neat little series of comic trips or even one panel gags. It’s always great to do more provocative Zombie Pinup images, but giving them a neat, numerous twist could be a lot of fun too! I really love experimenting with the Zombie genre through my art, and try to come up with new things. I really do not believe that ‘everything’s been done,’ as a lot of people claim. I believe that there are many untapped areas of ideas right in the Zombie genre itself ! The Zombie Pinup Girls that I’ve done are Living Dead proof! Who would think that a ravenous rotting Undead corpse could be sexy?

Alright Zombie Art Lovers, that does it for the latest Zombie Daily post, and the latest Zombie Pinup Diva illustration! By the way, how fresh IS today’s Zombie Babe drawing you ask? Well, I finished it this morning at about five AM! Now that’s fresh! ‘Hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s Zombie Art! ‘See you all again soon!