Good new Zombie Art Lovers! New Zombie rt is up now on Zombie Daily! The even better news? The new Zombie Illustration is another super fan favorite Zombie Pinup Diva! Yes indeed, this is one of the very newest of drawings I’ve done recently exclusively for Zombie Daily! I’m working on new ones today as well! One of the new Zombie Pinup Diva illustrations I’m working on right now is a fully illustrated image with background and everything that I think you all will love a lot! It’s very much like ones I’ve done in the past in which the Zombie Pinup Maiden is depicted in a deep dark forest with a lot of gnarly trees around her that are super detailed. It’s really shaping up to look great! I might even post it this coming week, but if I’m unable to, then definitely the following week!

So, just wanted everyone to know, tomorrow’s post will be Zombie Art I’ve never done before and the start of which will I hope be a new Zombie Art Series! Please come by and check it out! The only thing I’m having trouble with is which piece I should post first as I’ve completed a few!

Thanks SO much for attending Zombie Daily today and checking out the new Zombie Art! ‘See ya soon!