Welcome to Zombie Daily everyone, the place that shares brand new Zombie Art with you every single day of the year! Today’s new Zombie Art piece helps celebrate not only one of the best months of the year, that being October, but the end of a week leading into Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend! I speak of course of the newest Zombie Pinup Diva! It also being #INKTOBER this month, I submit yet another ink Zombie Art piece to the many already created! While I may not get to the next big milestone in the ‘Zombie Pinup Divas’ Zombie Art series this year, which at this point would be Two Hundred, I think I may come pretty close! I’ve got about Ninety days or so to come up with Thirty more Pinup Zombie Babes, which seems totally manageable, but I’m entering in to the big Christmas Zombie Portrait gift season too, which means far less time to create Zombie Daily Zombie Art images. It’s going to really test my abilities as I’m also currently working on a Coloring Book for Adults! And yes, in it there will be some Zombie Art to color too! Here’s the link to the Kick Starter order campaign page if you’re interested, I hope you are! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robsacchetto/rob-sacchettos-world-of-coloring

Incidentally, today’s new Zombie Pinup Diva is based on the alluring and stunning fetish/steam-punk/fashion model Kato!

And…Just a little bit about the Zombie Pinup Divas. So, for most of the Divas drawings I will use reference material often found in magazines or the internet. I just have to say, that even that part of the process is often quite an arduous task in itself. Yeah, it’s pretty great having an excuse to look at hot babes on the internet, but really, I search them out for a specific set of criteria in mind…I don’t look at how ‘sexy’ they are as much as I look at how the pose, lighting, clarity, etc relates to the best Zombie Pinup. Just a FYI for you Zombie Fans!

Thank you all for stopping in to check out the New Zombie Art Madness here on Zombie Daily today! I’d love to see you all back again for more soon! ‘Bye for now!