We’re back! More Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily! Of course, saying we’re back, while technically accurate, kind of suggests we left for a while, but really, it’s only been about twenty four hours…or even less! I just like saying the line ‘We’re Back!’ O f course you all know that by calling this site ‘Zombie Daily’ it means that I’m obligated to post a new piece of Zombie Art here every day right? Well, I do so with happiness and pride! It definitely is a lot of work, but when you have an enduring love for something, you really try to give it your all! The other neat thing about the Zombie Art posted here on Zombie Daily, is the fact that it is all brand new, never before seen work, not culled from other Zombie themed websites or art sites, and it’s all done by me, your daily host and artist, Rob Sacchetto!

We’re standing so close to the next big milestone in the ever popular Zombie Pinup Divas series, it has almost become palpable! I want to try to make the Two Hundredth post a little more special and I’ve been toying with the idea of doing two Zombie Pinups together, perhaps up to ‘no good,’ and if you read into that, what do you think two naked Diva Pinups might be doing? Hmmm…We’ll let that sink in for a while. Suffice it to say, it will likely be at least a two diva piece and it will feature gratuitous nudity, as it seems there is no such thing in our modern ‘politically correct’ Western Culture any more! Way to take the fun out of everything ‘social justice warriors’ great work! (Of course that is my attempt at scathing sarcasm, hope you all got it!) That is why my Zombie Art, when it applies to The Zombie Pinup Divas series, will have more unashamedly nude, half nude, topless, and suggestive subject matter in the future! I hope you all will appreciate it!

For a nice little quick gallery of past Zombie Art and Zombie Pinups, check out this link to my Tumble page here! https://www.tumblr.com/search/Rob-Sacchetto

Thanks for stopping by today Zombie Nation! More Zombie Art coming soon, so stay tuned!