Time for new Zombie Art? You Bet! It’s Zombie Daily and that’s all we do! All we do? It’s actually quite a bit! Think of it, new, never before seen Zombie Art posted every day! That means it has to be thought up, or referenced, penciled, inked, and or painted, scanned, saved with its own unique name, then posted along with about 2-300 words of description or just random Zombie Art related words of wisdom! Heck, that’s quite a bit of stuff to do every single day of a persons life! Luckily, that person is me, Rob Sacchetto, and I live and Love to draw Zombies!

We’re coming to the end of the year, and we’re also growing ever closer to the big Two Hundredth Zombie Pinup Diva milestone! I hope that all of you out there in the vast Zombie Nation are excited! I still haven’t pinned down the exact image that will grace that particular day in Zombie Art history, but I will say this, there will be TWO Zombie Pinup Divas involved in the action! Since I’m getting ever more fed up the the ‘New PC’ attitude that is sweeping the entire western culture, what with the announcement that Playboy Magazine will not photograph or print any more nude art, and the utterly spayed and neutered redesigns of Vampirella, Red Sonja and Deja Thoris in the comic books, I will concentrate more on Nudity, in fact gratuitous Nudity, Sexual Situations and hearty doses of Eroticism in the Zombie Pinup Divas art, and perhaps in some of my Zombie Art in general! Again, I hope that this will be taken as it is meant to be, which, in my mind, is pure fun and entertainment!

Thank you so much for stopping into Zombie Daily for today’s new Zombie Art post! It is as always my pleasure to bring to you my newest Zombie Art every day, and I’m so glad that you enjoy coming over and joining me! ‘See you all again soon Zombie Nation!