Here we are again! More New Zombie Art coming to you from Zombie Daily! I can’t tell you how pumped I am to bring you all of this brand new Zombie Art every day continuing from 2015, straight into the new year without so much as a half day┬ábreak in between!

We’re already on to Zombie Pinup Diva number One Hundred and Ninety Seven, and guess what, tonight I finished number One Ninety Eight, tomorrow, One Ninety Nine will be done and then, I will finish the TWO Zombie Pinup Diva number Two Hundred drawings that I’ve started! Yes, that’s right, TWO! I couldn’t land on just one, so the two hundredth milestone Zombie Pinup Diva drawing will be posted and then the second choice will be posted a day later! Both include two bare naked from nose to toes divas! I’m very excited to have reached this big milestone of new Zombie Art and very much looking forward to sharing both of the ‘two hundred’ drawings with all of you awesome Zombie Art Fans!

I always try to do my very best to go above and beyond my own expectations here on Zombie Daily, and try my hardest to give you guys what you’d really like to see! This is why I’m going to go to greater lengths in 2016 to seek out new forms of life to turn Zombie! Anything that lives can be a Zombie and thus, Zombie Art, but what also of inanimate objects? That just may be a new frontier for me to explore as well! As with the fauna on the planet Earth, perhaps I might turn my attention to the flora as well? Here are just a few areas I will be giving some thought to in creating new forms of Zombie Art! ‘I am Groot?’ how about, ‘I an Zombie Groot’ too?!

Thank you Zombie Nation, for your attendance here on Zombie Daily! More Zombie Art is assuredly on the way, so check back again soon! ‘Bye for now!