Zombie Daily here, giving you more Zombie Art Eye-Candy than ever before! Each and every day that goes by ensures the world is a scarier place filled with more art because of the mighty Zombie Daily! Last year was huge and this new year promises to be another big one, with more Zombie Art than allowed by law…probably!

In any case, I love to regal you great Zombie Art fans with just that, more Zombie Drawings, Paintings and general Zombie jibber jabber! I’ll be busy the next few weeks on a new secret yet amazing new project coming up this year, but it shouldn’t interfere with any of the work I’m out putting here, in fact, it might help it! This is going to be an awesome new Zombie related project that I’m absolutely crazy about and I thing a lot of you will be too! I don’t want to reveal too much about it yet, but it will be a ‘Kick Starter’ funded project as I love offering things to a fan base that wants them! There is already a huge fan base for the item itself and I’m hoping that with the specific Zombie Imagery involved, it will be a very loved and sought after item to have!

As you can plainly see by the number next to the Zombie Pinup Divas new post title, I won’t be very long before the Two Hundredth Zombie Pinup Diva or ‘Divas’ arrive! As I mentioned before, there will be Two Zombie Pinup Divas in the two hundredth post and there will also be a second Zombie Art Divas post directly after it with two Divas as well! Now can you dig THAT!? I really hope that you guys are excited for it!

And so goes another Zombie Daily Zombie Art post into the sunset! As always I hope you loved it Zombie Nation, and that you are back soon for more! Bye for now!