Why of course Zombie Daily is back with more Zombie Art! Hey, it’s not called Zombie Daily for nothing! Yes, more Zombie Art, More Zombie Babe Nudity, More Boobies and more oddly Sexy Decaying Zombie Women!

So, of course you know what today’s new Zombie Pinup Diva Art means right? We’re only a day away from the big Two-Hundredth Zombie Pinup Diva Milestone! Yes! Wow! It feels like it has taken me forever to get to this one, but when you factor in the fact that I’ve been doing just as many, if not more, Heads of the Living Dead, other Zombie Art, other projects, and Zombie Portraits in between all of the Pinup Zombies, you kind of get the picture as to why it seems like forever. The Zombie Pinup Divas are also a little more time consuming because I often use reference models photos to create them. Not just any photo will do. I looks at hundreds, even thousands of photos to find the ones that I think are worthy of a Zombie Pinup Diva drawing. You might think, ‘Gee Rob, tough job looking through all of those hot naked women,’ of course sarcastically…but yeah, it kind of is. The reason being is that I’m looking at the photos in the complete and utter way that I’m specifically searching for the right image, not in any sort of sexual way…this is done with a decidedly different part of my brain. I want the poses, looks and sometimes even the background environment to be different, exciting and new. I don’t want to use the same pose a hundred times over. Zombie Art is very important to me, and I always at least try to make the best effort to make it great for your eyes too!

Okay Zombie Nation, that was Zombie Pinup Diva number One Ninety Nine! Stay tuned for more Zombie Art coming to you so very very soon, and of course the Two Hundredth Zombie Pinup Diva post in the next day after tomorrow! Thanks for stopping in today and I hope to see you again soon!