Hey Zombie Art fans, it’s Zombie Daily, and we’re back with a new Zombie Pinup Diva for you, straight from my massive Zombie Art Vault! I’m attempting to recreate what I did here on Zombie Daily last year, and post a brand new piece of Zombie Art here every day without any re-posts, or material I’ve posted anywhere else but here first, and so far I’ve been successful! There have been one or two posts promoting Zombie Art projects I’ve begun this year, but the artwork that those past posts were included in was all new! So, that means every day, you will see exclusive, Zombie Art, only available for your eyes only, here first! That, my dear Zombie and Horror lovers really makes Zombie Daily that much more special! And today is no exception! Zombie Pinup Diva #215 is the latest brand new Zombie Art from that series, and as always, at least while the campaign is still alive, I will ask you again to help fund my newest Kick Starter campaign! That Kick Starter campaign if you didn’t know, has everything to do with the Zombie Pinup Divas! It is a full deck of Zombie Pinup Diva Playing Cards! With amazing perks like original Zombie Art, Zombie Portraits, Zombie sketches and preliminary drawings, and many others too awesome to mention here, (Because I want you to check it out!), this is a great opportunity to have a one of a kind creation made for Zombie Lovers! Again, here is the direct link to the campaign : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1148109312/original-illustrated-zombie-pinup-divas-playing-ca?ref=nav_search .The thing is, you must hurry! There is only seven days to go before the campaign is over and if it is not fully funded, it will not be possible to make.

Okay, once again, I had to make my case for the Zombie Pinup Deck as I would really love for everyone to be able to get one! Thank you so much for stopping into Zombie Daily for your daily dose of Zombie Art! ‘Hope to see you all again soon!