Hey there Zombie Nation! ‘Ready for more Brand new Zombie Art!? Of course you are, that’s why you all came by Zombie Daily today! This is the one place on the face of Planet Earth that posts a new Zombie Drawing or Painting, every day! In short, there’s more Zombie Art here than anywhere on Earth!

They say that ‘Death Becomes Her,’ and in the case of the Zombie Pinup Divas series, here on Zombie Daily, they could not be more apt! The Zombie Pinup Divas, somehow retain all of their beauty and sex appeal despite being, for lack of a better term, hopelessly Undead! Well, maybe a better term would be, Zombie Pinup! Even through the evolution of the Zombie Pinup, before they became the ‘Divas,’ I had been told by many that I somehow managed to make rotting female corpses that were reanimated, sexy! That is an accolade that I can live with! I truly do enjoy working on the Zombie Pinup Divas series and it has definitely become one of my favorites over the years, as I know it has become the favorite of many of you who frequent this site! I’m very happy about that! That just tells me that what I set out to do with my Zombie Art is working on the level I want it to work at, and that is to entertain!

The Zombie Pinup Diva series is almost at its two hundredth series post, and I’m hoping that next year brings us to three hundred! Although that may seem like a lofty goal, I will strive for those numbers regardless of whether they all get posted in 2016…Of course we could have another Zombie Pinup Diva Week Long Extravaganza here and there!

Okay folks, that just about does it for today’s new Zombie Art post! More Divas, Heads, Animals, Cartoons and many other types of Zombie Art will be headed your way soon right here on Zombie Daily!