Welcome once more to Zombie Daily everyone! ‘Ready for some new Zombie Art? How about the long awaited second Zombie Art image I was going to use for the huge Zombie Pinup Divas’ Two Hundredth series image milestone! Well’ here it is! I hope that all of you out there just love it!

Often times people ask me why I think that Zombies are so popular with just about every walk of life…Being an individual who is primarily a Zombie Artist, folks feel that I can explain their growth in interest over the last few years. I think that Zombies are so popular because of the actual possible threat they may actually pose in real life and society’s reaction to the fall of mankind! Yes, it’s true! HA! I think that people want the Zombie Apocalypse to happen to achieve total freedom! Wouldn’t you rather shoot Zombies in the head all day than go to work? Let me answer for you, OF COURSE YOU WOULD! Zombies, above any other ‘made up’ monsters, represent a sort of cathartic societal rebirth, a change in the status quo…

There of course are many many more reasons and dimensions to their popularity. I for one, as an artist, love the many ways that Zombies can be depicted. They can be utterly horrifying and then played for laughs. I create a new Zombie Drawing every day, and the only way that can happen is because Zombies are like snowflakes, no two are ever alike! There are only so many ways Vampires, Were-Wolves and ‘Mummies’ and such, can be portrayed, where as Zombies are wide open to interpretation.

Indeed there are many reasons Zombies are so popular! They are a completely dispensable monster villain…there will always be more! They are visually arresting, they are horrifying, they are funny, they can sometimes talk, ‘Brrrrrains’, or they can be completely mindless…there are as many facets and interpretations of Zombies as there are Zombies!

Okay Zombie Art Lovers around the planet Earth, that does it for another new Zombie Daily Post! I really hope that you all loved to days’ new Zombie Pinup Divas Art and that you all return soon for more! Bye for now!