Greetings Zombie Art Lovers! By the way, one more day until Halloween! As if you didn’t know! I just thought I’d get that out of the way before presenting today’s new Zombie Art selection which is a bit of a break from the ‘Heads of the Living Dead roll we’ve been on this week. I normally don’t post sketches, or ‘Works in Progress’ but I really like the way this ‘Zombie Pinup Diva to be,’ turned out! Also, I haven’t taken it to it’s finished form yet, and actually may not because I kind of like it the way it is! While not an ‘official’ Zombie Pinup Diva, it is, I believe a sexy pinup sketch that I really did think was worthy of posting in its current form. While I do not intend to make it a habit of posting the unfinished sketches or work in progress pieces, I think that from time to time it might be a nice little change of pace, and a little bit of an insight as to how the finished pieces get made…kind of a snapshot in time before the finished piece of Zombie Art is presented. Of course you all know that I’ve not posted a Zombie Pinup Diva, ‘In the Raw’ before, but as I mentioned, this one seemed to retain its sexy, mysterious, horror inspired feel in its current state.

Thank you all for stopping by to check out the newest Zombie Art Mayhem here on Zombie Daily today! I hope that you’ve enjoyed the latest Zombie Pinup style sketch Zombie Art and come on back for more soon!