It’s Zombie Rick and Morty time Zombie Art Lovers! Straight from the vast land of cartoons comes the latest in my ‘Cartoon Characters of the Living Dead’ series! This one has been asked for more than any other cartoon characters lately, so, being an Artist of the people, or, more appropriately a Zombie Artist of the people, I had to oblige! The great news is, I’ll be doing a bunch more Cartoon Zombie, Video Game Character Zombies and a number of Pop Culture Zombies soon. I really love adding to existing Zombie Art series that I’ve created, and creating new ones! In fact, I’ve got one hell of a new Zombie Art series coming up this year, but it extremely time consuming to create. All I can say about it right now is that I’ve only ever done one drawing from the ‘genre’ for Zombie Daily! Also, I want to hang on from posting anything from that new series before I at least have five or six illustrations ‘in the can.’ It is my hope that I begin posting images from that new series by the summer of this year!

In the meantime, there will be more top notch Zombie Art for you all to see here on Zombie Daily! I’m going to be getting a great deal of pop culture Zombie Drawings created for prints in upcoming Comic Book and Video Game conventions I’ll be attending this Summer and Fall! I really do love attending conventions and wish that I could do a lot more! Unfortunately I’m very far away from many that I’d like to be at in the United States as I live way up North in the wilds of Canada. Maybe in the future! :)

Well Zombie Nation, another Zombie Art post is put into the vast history of Zombie Daily! Be sure to stop in tomorrow and see ‘What the Rob is Cooking’ here with more Zombie goodness! ‘Bye for now!