Zombie Art Lovers Welcome! Time for another weird, fascinating, exciting and gore soaked Zombie Drawing here on Zombie Daily! Today, I once again invite you to ‘Necrotic Park!’ It’s a new alternate┬áreality park and animal refuge that houses Zombie Animals! It’s kind of like ‘Jurassic Park’ but a thousand times more deadly!

In the park today we can see the Zombie Three Toed Sloth! Here is a creature one would think or hope to still be a herbivore after coming into contact with the Zombie Virus. Sadly, this is not the case. The Zombie Sloth carefully climbs to the tree tops to silently await its unsuspecting prey on the forest floor. When the prey reaches its position, the Zombie Sloth simple falls atop its prey with its great body weight and begins to feast on the often unconscious but still living meal! The Zombie Sloth has often incapacitated more than one victim in a fall and will usually bite out a tendon or muscle in the preys legs to keep them from getting too far while it feasts on another of the fallen group.

The one advantage you have in avoiding becoming the Living Dead Sloths victim, is to carefully scan large tree trunks for traces of Blood that has been left behind as the creature crawls up to his perch with its Gore soaked hairy body. The Blood and Gore stains will give you a good indication of its whereabouts in the tree tops, but be weary of it’s ground attack as well, although much slower.

Remember the Zombie Sloth is only one of the hundreds of insidious and deadly creatures lurking in the ‘Necrotic Park.’ I’ll supply you with more Zombie Art visuals of the creatures you will need to avoid or kill on your adventure there in the future!

Thanks for stopping in Zombie Nation! I hope that you enjoyed today’s new Zombie Art selection and that I see all of you back at Zombie Daily soon! ‘Bye for now!