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Nothing says 80’s Horror like inanimate objects turned into disgusting rubber monster like creatures! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, The Zombie Toilet! Yup, the Zombie Toilet! Totally something you’d be likely to see in the movie ‘House 2’ or ‘Killer Clowns from Outer Space,’ or ‘Terror Vision…’ Those 80’s type Horror films and their unforgettable cheesy practical effects!

This was actually an illustration done as a custom request for a fan! It often seems that the custom Zombie Art requests I get, are the most fun and the most weird and the most challenging to create, and I LOVE that! I think that this might possibly be my very first, true, straight up, inanimate object that I’ve turned into Zombie Art! If there’s any others, I’m honestly not recalling them right now! I’ve done Zombie Jack in the Box, and a Zombie Dalek from the Dr. Who show before, and I think that they might be the closest I’ve come to putting Undead, ‘life’ into an inanimate object through Zombie Art. So to anyone reading this, if you’ve got $40 bucks, and you’d like to get a genuine hand illustrated custom request drawing from me, to have and to hold as your very own, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to make that a reality! I will then of course post it right here on Zombie Daily and it will become a part of Zombie Genre History!

There you have it folks! New Zombie Art, posted, and now also part of Zombie History! I hope that you’ve enjoyed this Zombie Image! You never know what will be a Zombie here next and that’s half the fun! The other half is SEEING what is a Zombie next! ‘Bye for now, see you again soon!