Every day it rains…Zombie Art! Hi everyone, Rob Sacchetto here, your host and Zombie Artist here at Zombie Daily! Are you ready for more Gore, Living Dead, and general Walking Dead and Decayed Horror? Well, if you’ve come to Zombie Daily, you’ve come to the right place! It’s what Zombie Daily does every day of the year, for over nine years and counting! I post Zombie Art! Plain and simple! I love sharing my work with all of you Rabid fans of the Undead!

I just recently returned home from an out of town fan convention! This time it was the ‘Northern Ontario Expo! I must say that I had a fantastic time and did very well going as a vendor and selling tons of merchandise! It also was a great trip for actually getting a ton of work done! While I was very busy at the actual convention itself, I did manage to complete many illustrations for Zombie Daily right at my table! I was able to draw away and still engage each and every curious passerby! This was also great because it got a lot of fans to realize that I indeed was the artist behind all of the merchandise sitting before them! Today’s post in fact was one of the many I managed to get done while ‘at work’ at the convention! I have another great con coming up in June called ‘Northern Expo’ and I plan on having a number of illustrations on the go there as well! I just really love the fact that I can pull double duty at conventions with relative ease! It just works so beneficially on so many levels! That’s my wee convention story featuring Zombie Art of the day!

Thank you for making it out to Zombie Daily everyone! I hope that you loved the new Zombie Art featured today and that you return for more soon! Bye for now!