It’s great to see all you Zombie Art Craving Maniacs again! Welcome to another edition of Zombie Daily! Imagine what life would be like without a new Zombie Drawing or Painting every day? UGH! I don’t even want to think about it! So without any further ado, here is today’s new Zombie Image for you. It is of course from the venerable ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series, which is on it’s way to having a total of 400 images within it, ALL based on a single skull template used as an ‘underlay’ for each new and different image to be created! We’ve just created some very neat buttons from some of the heads that we plan to have available at this years’ Shock Stock Festival in London, Ontario this April! Here’s the link if you’re in the area and would like to check it out and meet me : . We’re also going to have on hand, some special VERY limited edition mini art books, stickers, fridge magnets, an exclusive Zombie Babe Pinup book, my Cape Fear graphic novel, the “Zombiewood” book, posters, puzzles and lots of other surprises too! I’m really looking forward to going down and having a great time with all of the horror loving peeps in attendance!

Thanks for stopping in to another Zombie laden edition of Zombie Daily everyone! I hope to see you all again very soon!