Hey there Zombie Artwork Freaks, Rob Sacchetto here to Zombify the world one day at a time! It’s been a long time since I’ve really explained the whole idea behind the “Heads of the Living Dead” series. At the beginning, I had not actually thought of ever doing so many different versions of zombie heads for the series and it was sort of just a little exercise in creativity. Back then, I posted new “Heads” images with the skull template that you see here, showing the difference between the template and what I did over it to achieve the new zombie head it was based on. Somewhere along the line I decided to discontinue showing the skull template image in favor of simply having the new “Head” illustration take up the entire space, and deservedly so.

Since the series expanded way past it’s intended short run, many people have asked about it and I basically explain that I’m attempting to illustrate 365 different zombie heads based on one basic skull template. That’s the deal. So here’s today’s new “Head of the Living Dead” image with the original skull template that I still use to this very day. I use it as an underlay and basically “trace” a new zombie head on a piece of watercolor paper placed on top of it. The new drawing is almost always an ad-libbed spontaneous illustration and I pretty much never know how it’s going to look until it’s finished. The wonderful thing about the process is the final drawing is mostly a complete surprise to me and that has made for some very interesting images.

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s post Zombie Nation, I hope to see you all back very soon!