Hey Zombie Freaks! Today is another day, and with it, another Zombie Drawing! That’s what you should come to expect from Zombie Daily, if you haven’t already. I post a new Zombie Drawing or painting every day!

I normally don’t post preliminary sketches on Zombie Daily too often. I find it a bit of a cheat. I know that a lot of people like seeing process pictures and sketches that lead up to the finished illustration, but for hat Zombie Daily is, I feel better posting the finished product and leaving sketches and preliminary comps to sketchbooks and whatnot. But anyway, all that aside, here’s a working sketch done on tracing paper to then be put on my light table for finished inks. I like that process because you get to keep the sketch intact, possibly to use for later use if you’d like to interpret it differently, and you get to keep your surface clean during the finishing inks because you are using the rough as a template. You can also see and make changes easier.

Thanks for stopping by Zombie Nation. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I’ll see you again soon.