Zombie Art Lovers across the world rejoice! There is now a place on the world wide web that offers you total access to an almost unlimited array of Zombie Art updated daily….And you’ve found it! It’s called, appropriately enough, Zombie Daily! Here you will find hundreds of hand illustrated Zombie Art that is 100% original and has NEVER been seen before on the internet or anywhere else for that matter, and it’s all for YOU to enjoy every day!

Today’s Zombie Daily art comes by request from an art perk in the crowd funded Cape Fear Graphic Novel campaign that I started last year. The book has been published and is actually on this very site for sale right now! The perk in question was one in which a contributor to campaign could  request an original Zombie Art piece based on a single sentence description. In this case, it was something to the effect of a Zombie riding an Arkira inspired futuristic motorcycle…so, there it is!

I really enjoy creating art based on fan requests as it is usually much more challenging, fun and usually ends up being stuff I would never normally draw on my own. The results are often much more rewarding! It’s why I love doing freelance jobs as well. You never really know what’s going to come next and you often need to do a lot of planning, and problem solving to end up with a great result that you and the person that you’re working with both feel good about!

Thank you all for joining me here again on Zombie Daily everyone. As usual, you are welcome to check out more Zombie Mayhem anytime you ‘d like!