Hey there fans of all things Zombie! I’ve got more Zombie Art for you today as if you didn’t know! That’s what I do here on Zombie Daily, post new, fresh, original, hand illustrated Zombie Drawings or Paintings for Zombie Fans the world over every day! Man, I’ve done so many Zombie Celebrities, I should put them all in a book! Well, believe it or not, that book already actually exists! It’s called “Zombiewood : The Celebrity Dead Exposed!” and it’s still available in bookstores and on Amazon.com of course. Of the more than 120 Zombie Celebrities in the book, I plan on posting some of the more obscure ones here for you to see on Zombie Daily, like this one of Kevin Spacey. Weird choice for a Zombie Portrait huh? Well, at the time of doing the book, I scoured many celebrity websites and I just saw a lot of Mr. Spacey and decided that he was going in. I really enjoy him as an actor from films like “Glengarry Glen Ross” and ‘Seven” amongst many others, so, since the publisher left it up to me largely to pick which celebrities to add, there he is!

Thank you so very much for coming by to check out the new Zombie Artwork here again on Zombie Daily. I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s post and that you come back again soon!