Hey there Zombie Cereal Fans! While not the last zombified cereal box mascot, this one is undoubtedly my personal favorite! I really wanted to save this for last, but I just couldn’t wait to share him with all of you. I’m pretty sure that this was one of the very first “Cereal Box Mascots of the Living Dead” that I did, as when this series was originally suggested by fans, I remember Count Chocula being one of the first ones mentioned. I must say that there are an awful lot cereal box mascots out there, way more than the fast food mascots. I still have a couple left that are done and are ready to post, but there are many more that I could do. Unless, I get my second wind on these, I think that there is one more that I have to do to round out this sries, and then I’ll probably put it to rest, unless popular demand says otherwise and there is one or two more that I’m asked to do. If any of you can think of any more that you’d like to see, please let me know.

Thank you all for joining me here today on Zombie Daily. I hope to see you all again soon!