Greetings Zombie Loving Monsters from around the globe! I’m all caught up with my retro Zombie postings from the time I was away and now it’s time for a new Corporate Mascot of the Living Dead. This is of course none other than that spokes-cat for the snack food that leaves your fingers covered in a powdery yet gooey after-substance, Chester Cheetah!  This is one of my most recent series drawings that I plan to do in tandem with the Zombie Pinup Divas amongst other things, so I really hope that you like them as much as I like drawing them. Alright, so, it looks like that is the end for me today. Along with posting five new Zombie Drawings for you today, I’m doing Zombie Portraits, my taxes plus I’m digging my driveway out of the two snowstorms my town had while I was away! Fun! I really hope that you all enjoyed this five day rapid fire retro post, and I hope to see all of you again really soon! Thanks for stopping by!