Yes, the Zombie Virus has infected the Star Wars Universe! Right Now, in a galaxy far far away, the entirety of the Star Wars Universe has been infected by the ‘Walker Virus!’ Chewbacca is the latest victim in this horrific and very sobering take on the Star Wars universe tales! It may take the combined efforts of the Empire and the Rebels to triumph over this incredibly dangerous new threat! Or what’s left of them!

I’ve never personally been a huge fan of the Star Wars movie franchise. I did love the three first films, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, but I thought that the next three were rather…’meh’. I’m basically more a Horror guy than a Sci-Fi guy. I do like the first three, I grew up with the, respect them as movies and the profound impact that the franchise has had on popular culture. Sci-Fi is just not really my first love, Horror, is! That is not to say however, that re imagining these characters as Zombies doesn’t excite me! This is especially true when I’m in control of making them ‘Go Zombie!’

So, Much like ‘Star Wars’ has infiltrated and re envisioned virtually every for of entertainment, products, ideas, etc, etc…I will set out to do the same to it, by recreating the vast amount of characters in Zombie form. I think that the idea behind it will be the Empire scientists attempt to resurrect the Emperor, and in doing so return him to life as a soulless Zombie type creature that preys on living flesh, but still retains much of his abilities regarding ‘the force!’ He then goes on to infect the High Command in the Empire, secondaries, and then storm troopers…They in turn, begin to infect other planets they arrive on in a search for the heroes in the Star Wars Universe!

I really hope that you all enjoy my homage to Star Wars as Zombies! More to come!