Hey there Zombie Art Fanatics! I love to zombify specific individuals from time to time as I find that it really hits home the whole idea that no one is immune to becoming a part of the undead apocalypse. This Zombie Cop especially hits home when you see a trusted member of society turned into a flesh eating monster. Individuals like Emergency personnel, police, firemen, paramedics, and doctors all seem even more chilling because these are the people we are taught to trust and revere the most as we grow up, so we’ve put our faith in them to help us in times of need. When they are suddenly changed into walking flesh eating nightmares it becomes all the more shocking. Other groups like the elderly and small children, when turned, also have this effect because we’ve come to see them as weak or harmless…but when they’re hungry zombies..Watch Out! I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s post everyone, see you soon!